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   A blonde hair boy was walking through the village trying to get to school. "Naruto!" a voice yelled from a distance. Naruto turned around and saw a girl with bubblegum hair and a boy with raven hair. 
   "Sakura! Sasuke!" he said surprised.
   "So did you hear?" Sakura asked walking up to Naruto.
   "Hear what?" he asked confused.
   "That Hinata's coming back!" Sakura said excitedly.
   "Who's... Hinata?" Naruto asked trying to remember.
   "Baka..." Sasuke said. "How could you not remember who Hinata is?"
   "Fine... Remember Shino and Kiba and that they died a long time ago?" Sakura asked another question but upset.
   "Well yeah... How can anyone forget that..." Naruto said looking away. 
   "Hinata was like a sister to them so they died saving her." Sasuke said. "Hinata was blaming herself for what happened. It got to the point where Hinata ran away to get stronger."
   Naruto looked at them shocked. I remember... I had feelings for her but didn't tell anyone... When Kiba and Shino died. Hinata wasn't smiling. I would see her at the training grounds by herself everyday and I would go talk to her every time I saw her... Soon I started to like her... I was going to confess to her the next day but... I found out that Hinata had ran away... I remember being upset all the time... Naruto thought. The more he was remembering the more he was fighting the tears.
   "Naruto... Naruto!" Sasuke yelled.
   Then Naruto snap back to reality. "Huh?! What?!"
   "Do you remember now?" Sakura asked.
   "Yeah..." Naruto said sounding upset. Then remembered something. "Oh crap! I forgot my lunch money! See you guys at school!" Naruto ran back to his apartment.
   Finally Naruto had his lunch money but was going to be late for school. "Help!" yelled a voice. Naruto followed the voice then saw two little girls cornered by fie guys. "Help us!" the girls yelled.
   "Hey-" but was cut off when a flash of blue hair ran past him. 
   "Leave them alone!" yelled a girl with blue hair, looked the same age as him, lavender eyes and had a school uniform on that the girls wear at his school. The girl was standing in front of the little girls. "Are you okay?" she asked the girls.
   "Y-Yes." answered a little girl.
   "Don't worry I'm gonna get you out of here."
   "Look what we have here." said one of the men. "Aren't you a looker." then they slowly started walking towards the blue haired girl.
   "Hey leave them alone!" Naruto yelled. Then he saw the five men turn around.
   "Great another one!" yelled a second man.
   Naruto looked at the blue haired girl that had already knocked out two of the men. "What the-" one of the men said but then the had knocked all of them out.
   Soon the girl walked to the two scared little girls. "Are you okay?" she asked lowering herself to their level. Then they ran into her arms crying. "It's okay... It's okay..." 
   "Anju! Maki!" yelled a grown woman.
   "Mama!" the two girls ran to their mom.
   "Anju! Maki! I was so worried! Where we're you?!" the mom asked hugging her daughters.
   "We were surrounded by these big scary boys." cried one of the girls.
   "But then this nice lady saved us." said one of the girl dragging the blue haired girl towards then.
   "Thank you... For saving my daughters." the mom then bowed.
   "Oh no! Don't bow... It was the right thing to do." she told the mom.
   "May I ask what you name is?" the mom asked.
   "Hinata... Hinata Hyuuga." she said smiling as Naruto looked at her shocked.
   "Well thank you again... Hinata. I owe you my dept." the mom said.
   "It's no problem really." Hinata said.
   "Well we must be going. Say bye." 
   "Bye big sister!" the two girls waved good bye.
   Hinata stood there smiling as she was waving back. Then they were out of sight. Then Hinata started to think about her little sister. Hanabi. I bet she grew a lot. Hinata thought smiling. Then she looked at her watch. "Oh no! I'm already late for school!" she yelled.
   When Hinata was about to run she felt someone grab her wrist. Hinata didn't know who it was so she flipped him and he landed on his back in front of her. "Who are you?!"
   "Hinata... It's me... Naruto Uzumaki..." he said in pain.
   "Naruto..." Hinata started blushing. "I'm sorry..." she said helping him up.
   "Its no problem..." then it was silence. "You've grown a lot..." Naruto said blushing.
   "You have too..." 
   "So... You're back?" he asked.
   "Are you going to stay or are you going to leave again..." Naruto said with an angry voice.
   "Who cares if I'm gone... People are just going to die protecting me..." then Hinata started to remember about Shino and Kiba. Then a tear escaped her eyes and Naruto saw it.
   "I'm sorry but I have to go!" Hinata yelled as her emotions toke over and she ran. Don't blame yourself Hinata... We did this to protect you... So please stop crying... Kiba's words ran through Hinata's head. Kiba's right Hinata... At least we die protecting the love we love... Then Shino's words came into Hinata's head which made Hinata cry more.
This is my first time writin a story
Hope u like it :D
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Holy shit this is epic as shit!
Rosetiger Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
I like it. Keep going.
HinataUzumaki27 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
I'm workin on it :D
DanteOasis Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
wow, sd story fo sure. Well, I like this chapter, and I like how you describe Hinata's emotions, very sad and wants to cry, but keep it up, I'm awaiting new chapter :)
HinataUzumaki27 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
Thnks Im glad u liked it :D
DanteOasis Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
HinataUzumaki27 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
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