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   Hinata kept running until her legs got tired. Soon she found herself at team 8's training field where Hinata, Kiba and Shino use to train together. She remembers the time when Akamaru pissed on Kiba. Hinata starts to remember the good times they had and couldn't help but smile while tears ran down her cheeks.
   "Hinata... Please don't cry..." Hinata heard Kiba's words say as if he was in front of her. Hinata's eyes shot open as she saw Kiba, Akamaru and Shino standing in front of her. "Please stop crying..." Kiba said smiling.
   "Kiba-kun... Shino-kun..." Hinata whispered as they started to fade. "No! Please don't go!" she yelled as she got up. "Don't leave me!" 
   "We want you to know that you've always been our little sister..." Hinata heard Shino tell her.
   Hinata ran towards them crying... But then they completely faded away which caused Hinata to fall to the ground. She quickly turned around where they were standing but didn't see them. "Kiba-kun... Shino-kun... I'm sorry... If only I was stronger back then..." Hinata said crying harder.
   As tears fell on her knees... Hinata started to feel pain in her chest. We want you to know that you've always been our little sister... Shino's words ran through Hinata's head. "And you... Kiba-kun... And Akamaru-kun... We're always my big brothers..." Hinata said as she hugged herself.
   "Hinata?!" a voice said behind her. Hinata froze as she slowly turned around and saw a boy with ocean blue eyes and spiky blonde hair. "I was looking all over for you..." Naruto then notices Hinata crying. "Hinata..."
   "Don't come near me!" Hinata yelled as she quickly looked away. "If you come near me! Then I'll just get you killed! Just like Kiba-kun and Shino-kun..." Hinata said crying harder.
   When Naruto was about to walk to Hinata. He saw Kiba, Akamaru and Shino standing next to Hinata looking down at her crying. Then they look at Naruto. "Can you see us?" Shino asks Naruto. He nodds. "Tell her that we're asking her to stop crying..." 
   Then Kiba lowers himself to the same level as Hinata. Then he touches Hinata's cheek. Hinata looks up. "Tell her that it wasn't her fault that we died... Tell her we died because we loved her every much as a little sister... So tell her to stop beating herself up because of our deaths..." Kiba told Naruto.
    "Also... Tell her that she needs to start trusting people again and smiling..." Shino said as Kiba stood up and walked towards Shino and Akamaru.
   "Heh... Looks like our times up..." Kiba said as he looks behind him. "Please... Make Hinata happy... Tell her we love her deeply... And make she you become her best friend and she starts smiling and laughing again..." Kiba said smiling.
    Naruto looks at them seriously and nodds his head. "We trust Hinata to you... Naruto Uzumaki..." Shino said as he faded away passing on.
   Kiba walks over to Hinata one last time. "Hinata..." then Hinata looks up. "We will always be with you..." he said as he hugs Hinata.
   "Kiba-kun..." Hinata said as she could feel someone hugging her as she cried even more.
   "Please... Smile for me one last time..." Kiba said moving her away but as his hands on her shoulders.
   "H-Hai..." Hinata said smiling as more tears roll down her cheeks.
   "That's much better..." Kiba said as he and Akamaru finally faded away. But Akamaru barked once. 
   Soon Hinata felt the hand that was on her shoulders disappeared as she heard Akamaru bark and Naruto witness the whole thing. "Akamaru-kun..." she said as she fell.
   "Hinata?!" Naruto yelled as he ran towards Hinata. "Hinata!! Wake up!" he started shaking her lightly.

   Soon Hinata woke up and found herself in a white room. Then she looks around and notices she's in the hospital then someone knocked. "C-Come in." she said.
   Then a woman with long blonde hair and a blue diamond on her forehead came in. "Nice to see you again Hinata..." she said smiling.
   "Tsunade-sama..." Hinata replied.
   "Just Tsunade is fine. So how are you feeling?" she asks.
   "I'm fine..." Hinata said looking down.
   "You have a visitor... Actually you have a lot of visitors." Tsunade told her. "Should I let them in?" Hinata nodds her head. "You can all come in now!"
   Then Hinata saw a lot of people walk in the room. "Hey Hinata! Remember me?!" asked one them.
   "S-Sakura-chan..." Hinata said thinking.
   "Yup!" she said happily. "How about everyone else?" 
   Then Hinata looked at everyone and was able to get all the names right. Everyone was glad she remembered then all these years. "Okay Hinata. You are able to leave today." Tsunade said smiling.
   "H-Hai." Hinata said smiling.
   "Well... I guess well leave you alone..." Ino said as they all walked out. Soon they were all gone. Then Hinata looked down at her blanket and cried. She was glad she had friends that missed her.
   "Don't you think you cried enough today?" someone asked her. Hinata looked up and saw no other than Naruto. "You really need to stop crying." he said looking into her eyes.
   Hinata quickly wiped the tears away. "I-I'm sorry..."  she said smiling. "I... Didn't know... That many people missed..." Hinata said looking down. "I'm sorry..."
   "Hey don't apologize... You were really upset and even now I can see that you're lost in the darkness." Naruto said using his finger to lift Hinata's chin so she could look at her beautiful eyes. "That's better." Naruto said smiling. Then Naruto hugs Hinata. "We all know what you're going through... We all share the same thing as you... So please don't run away anymore... Please we want to share the same thing as you..." Naruto said pushing her away.
   Hinata was starting to feel something that she haven't felt a long time now. Love. She was starting to love Naruto again. Then she started to cry the tears of joy. As Naruto held on to her shoulder Hinata just looked down knowing she couldn't hide her tears. 

    Soon Hinata left the hospital with Naruto being by her side and helping her just in case she faints again. Naruto then told her what Kiba and Shino told him. "They told me that you should smile and laugh like you use to." Naruto said looking at the ground.
   Hinata soon looked at the sky and smiled. Naruto looked at her and saw her smiling and couldn't help but smile to. We trust Hinata to you... Naruto Uzumaki... Shino's request ran through Naruto's mind. Then Naruto looked at the sky to. 'I promise that I will take care of Hinata and I promise to never to hurt her... You have my word.' Naruto thought. "Thank you..." he heard a whisper. Naruto figured it was Kiba or Shino.

Kiba: Hi everyone! Me and Shino are going to be talking at the ends of the story. Since the author thought I would be a bummer if we didn't show up again.
Shino: We hope you enjoyed the story and the author doesn't own any of the character. Please  tell us what you think so far.
Kiba: Chapter 3 will come up soon! So we please wait!
Here's chapter 2! I hope u like it :D
As I was writin the story I ended up cryin too :cries:
DanteOasis Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
very sad :tears:, but Naruto calm her down? She gonna be happy with him :)
Rosetiger Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
Poor Hinata.
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