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   Since it was getting late Naruto walked Hinata home. Once Hinata was home Naruto made his way to his house. Naruto unlocked his door and went straight to bed. Then he just plopped on his bed and starred at the ceiling. 'Hinata...' he thought the turned to look at the moon. 'Everytime I look into your eyes... I can see... That you're crying... In darkness where there are no light...' Naruto thought. 'Dont worry Kiba... Shino... I'll be the one to pull Hinata out of the darkness...' he thought. "You better!" Naruto saw Kiba smiling before drifting to sleep. 'I promise...'

***Naruto's Dream***

   "What the-" Naruto said as he found himself a small white room. "Where am I?" he asks looking around.
   "Naruto... Uzumaki..." he heard a woman's voice. Then he turned around and saw Hinata.
   "Hinata?!" he said. Hinata was standing five feet away. "Where... Where are we?" he asked her.
   "We're in Hinata's peaceful mind where all her happyness comes from." Hinata answers. Then looks at the door between them. "Outside this room is darkness..." she told him then looks at Naruto. "Tell me... Since we're in Hinata's peaceful mind... Tell me how big this room is..."
    Naruto looked around and did notice the room was kind of small. "It's small..." Naruto answered. Then looks at her. "Why...?"
   Then Hinata looks at the ground. "This room was never this small..."
   "Then why is it small?" 
   "It's all base on her feelings... When she's happy, sad or depress... Then this room changes shape... But not once in her life has this room been this small... It's been like this for a couple of years now..." Hinata said.
   "Just tell me... Who are you?"
   "I'm Hinata's happyness... But as you can see... I'm showing no emotions..."
   "How long have you been like this?"
   "The same time when the room changed shape..." 
   "Do you know... What made you emotionless and what made this room small?"
   "Not really... The only word I can decribe that made me like this is... Death..."
   Naruto looks at her shock. 'Now I get it... Ever since Kiba and Shino's death... Made Hinata's happyness decrease...' Naruto thought. 
   "Please..." Hinata said. Naruto looks at her. "Make Hinata happy again... If you don't... Something will come... Something that's like the same thing of what's inside you..." Hinata said pointing at Naruto. "Something stronger than the nine tail's power..." 
   "What's coming if Hinata isn't happy?! What's stronger than nine tails?! How do you even know that I have nine tail inside me?!" Naruto asked almost yelling.
   "My time's up... We'll meet again... Naruto Uzumaki..." Hinata said then started fading.
   "Wait!!" he shouted trying to run towards her.

***End of Dream***

   Naruto's eyes shot open as he quickly sat up. "What the hell was that about?" he asked himself. Then he looks at the clock. "Damn! I'm gonna be late!" he shocked then quickly got dress. 
   Soon Naruto grabbed his back and ran to school. When Naruto turned a corner he ran into someone. "Ahh!!" he said in pain. "I'm sorry..." when he looked up he saw Hinata lying on her back with her skirt up showing her panties.
   "Ow!!" Hinata said rubbing her head then sees Naruto. "N-Naruto-kun..." then she notices him having a nosebleed then she looks at what Naruto's looking at notice him starring at her panties. "Ahh!!" Hinata screamed as she quickly sat up pulling her skirt down.
   Naruto snapped back into reality. "I-I'm s-s-sorry!" Naruto apologized blushing then stood up. Hinata was sitting on the ground pulling her skirt down with her face beating blood red. "Here..." she heard Naruto say.
   When Hinata looked up she saw Naruto's hand towards her trying to hide his nosebleed. "T-Thank you." she said as she told his hand. Then Hinata grabbed her bag from the ground. Soon it went silent.
   "S-So H-Hinata... Going to school?" Naruto asks blushing.
   "H-Hai!" Hinata replied.
   "M-Mind if I w-walk with you?" Naruto asks.
   Hinata looked at him shocked. "I-I don't m-mind." she answered him blushing. Soon the started walking to school together. Once again there was an awkward silence. 'Naruto-kun... H-He saw my...' Hinata thought blushing like crazy again.
   "Hinata... How are you today?" Naruto asked breaking the silence.
   "I-I'm good... H-How about you?"
   "Nahh!! I'm tried!" Naruto replied putting his hands behind his head. "I really hate school though!" Hinata giggled. "What's so funny?"
   "Just that... I remembered Kiba-kun hating school just because he couldn't bring Akamaru-kun..." Hinata said smiling while looking at the ground.
   "You look at them as big brother huh?" Naruto asked look at Hinata with interest.
   "H-Hai... I-I was able to trust them... T-Tell them anything I-I had in my mind... Team 8 w-was like a family to me..." Hinata said smiling at the sky.
   "You know..." Naruto started. Hinata looked at him as he was starring at the sky. "You can tell me anything too. I might be an idiot but... I'm a great listener." Naruto told her as he looked at her smiling.
   "T-Thank you... N-Naruto-kun... F-For being h-here for m-me... W-When Kiba-kun and Shino-kun a-aren't..." Hinata said in a shaky voice.
   Naruto looked at Hinata and saw tears falling to the ground. He smiled. "No problem." he said then look ahead. "We're here..." he said. Hinata quickly wipped her eyes and looked up and saw the school. Hinata stopped at she's at leaving Naruto walking a few steps ahead before stopping. Then he turned around. "What's wronge Hinata?"
   "I-I'm scared..." Hinata replied.
   "Why you scared?"
   "W-What if... I d-don't make any f-friends?" 
   "Hinata... Of course you'll make friends... Think about how many people came yesterday to see you... And plus you got me!" Naruto said smiling then went behind Hinata and started pushing her towards the door.
   Soon Naruto showed Hinata the way to the office. Hinata went into the principal's office while Naruto stood outside waiting for her. After 5 minutes Hinata walked out. "So what homeroom do you have?" Naruto asks.
   "Um... A-Art class..." Hinata replied. 
   "Here let me see." Naruto said then Hinata gave him her schedule. Naruto quickly glance through it then gave Hinata her schedule back. "You have all the same classes as me!" he said smiling. "Well... We should get going."
   "H-Hai!" Hinata said as she followed Naruto. 


Kiba: I hope Naruto's keepin his promise
Shino: yea well... Hinata's happyness was decreasin
Kiba: Naruto bettr mak her happyness increase if nt... I WILL haunt him til he's paralyze 
Shino: I believe Naruto will mak her happy
Kiba: well hope u enjoy :) 
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